Single visit root canal

Root Canal treatment is typically perceived as a painful, time taking procedure however, Single visit root canal treatment is a new advancement in dentistry that makes root canal pain free. Feel free to Contact us with your specific questions.

Single sitting root canal treatment is a new advance in dentistry, which has made root canal treatment absolutely painless.This Single visit Root Canal treatment is done to avoid multiple injections & visits, thus reducing the patient FEAR.This is extremely comfortable & less time consuming.

When is Single Visit Root Canal Required

  • Dental caries is moving towards the nerves of the mouth.
  • An injury has occurred in the teeth and it is at exposure to the nerve.
  • A severe sensitivity of the teeth is making it impossible for the patient to consume hot or cold liquid and even food items.
  • Acute infection with no pus accumulation in & around the tooth.
  • Non- Vital Tooth. Previous accidental traumatized history, particular front teeth .

Advantages of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

  • Absolutely painless procedure.
  • Reducing the patient anxiety.
  • Less traumatic for the patient
  • Less time consuming.
  • Avoid multiple injections .
  • Avoid multiple visits.
  • Affordable and Cost.